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What Africa used to be... Zambia today is a country where it is possible to travel the African bush in open land rovers, experience walking safaris, explore the rivers by boat and go to bed listening to the sounds of the African wild.  



Shaped like a giant butterfly spreading its wings across the heart of Africa, Zambia is an endlessly absorbing and exciting land. Hills wrapped in dense emerald green wood bursting with bird song. Huge blue inland lakes and thundering Victoria Falls. Expansive National Parks where the lions roam free across a sea of tawny colored grass. A rich cultural mosaic, Zambia's people are her greatest delight. With its special beauty and open spaces, Zambia captures that indefinable African essence that describes the "real" Africa. Vast open spaces have few paved roads and limited visitor amenities however for the traveler explore Zambia there is a different type of magic, those seeking the unspoiled natural paradises. Expect superb hospitality and good food. There is a special pleasure in sipping a cool pre-dinner drink on the edge of a snapping campfire and listening to a chorus of hippos, knowing you are miles and miles from the next camp. Indeed Zambia's stars are bright, the valleys grass is greener and each day offers a special excitement of an older more individualized and less traveled Africa.

Kafue National Park
Sprawling across bush country this is one of the worlds larges wildlife sanctuaries with the widest range of mammal species. Part of the high central plateau the park has several eco systems; riverine forests, miombo woodland, mopane woodland, teak forests and savannah as well as the wetlands associated with the lovely Kafue River. Charter flights from Lusaka take you directly to kafue's Lunga Chalets and Busanga where you enjoy game drives, canoeing, and walking safaris.

Luangwa Valley
This is where the notion of a walking safari was born as you enjoy close encounters with nature, during the dry season (June to October) . Bordered by the start of the Great Escarpment (Great Rift Valley of Africa) the Zambezi River, the meandering Luangwa River with its many oxbow lagoons and shady ebony roves is the foundation of this wildlife wonderland. The call of Zambia's National Bird, the Fish Eagles piercing sound will call you back over and over again.

Lower Zambezi National Park
Bordered by the Zambezi River, Victoria alls and Zambezi Escarpment this area is dominated by miombi woodland, acacia and mopane forests. Large concentrations of animals, small mammals and prolific birdlife dominate the park. Canoeing within meters of wildlife and excellent fishing for tiger and bream are highlights in the area.

Lake Kariba
Situated along the border with Zimbabwe, this is one of the largest man made lakes in the world following the 1950's daming of the Zambezi River to provide hydro-electric power. Its an impressive area for fishing, is a calm lake under a clear blue sky, enjoy water sports, sundown cruises, tiger fishing, canoeing and walking safaris in the region.

Mosi o Tunya and the Great Victoria Falls
"The smoke that Thunders" is one of the Great Natural wonders of the world, this astonishing site is actually six waterfalls 1708 metres wide and 103 meters deep at the highest point . A fascinating blend of beauty and mystique with abundance of activities including fishing, microlighting, and bunge jumping over the falls make this an adventurers paradise.

Main Cities / Airports
Lusaka – the gateway to Africa is also the capital with more than two million people.

Livingstone – named after the Scottish missionary and explorer this is now one of Africa's busiest holiday centers.