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Uganda is Africa condensed, with the best of everything the continent has to offer packed into one small but stunning destination. Uganda is home to the highest mountain range in Africa, the Mountains of the Moon in the Rwenzori National Park.




Uganda is Africa condensed, with the best of everything the continent has to offer packed into one small but stunning destination. Uganda is home to the highest mountain range in Africa, the Mountains of the Moon in the Rwenzori National Park. It is the source of the mighty Nile, and around Jinja offers the best white-water rafting in the world. It has the highest concentration of primates on earth, including the majestic mountain gorilla, one of the rarest animals on the planet. On top of all this, the scenery is so striking that it looks like an oil painting. In 1907 pioneering tourist Winston Churchill called it the "Pearl of Africa". He was right.

Kampala / Entebbe
Just a few miles from Lake Victoria is the capital city of Kampala. It has several interesting sights, mainly the National Museum, Lake Victoria and Kabaka's Palace. It also has casinos, nightclubs and an abundance of different kinds of restaurants and traditional souvenir shops.
On the shores of Lake Victoria sits the town of Entebbe. It is about 19 miles Kampala. In contrast to Kampala, Entebbe is a fairly quiet town and it is built atop several hills which slope down to the shores of the lake. This charming town is a very popular weekend getaway spot for neighboring cities and it has plenty to accommodate with its many restaurants and hotels, as well as the zoo and botanical garden.

National Parks

Murchison Falls
The Murchison Falls National Park is the largest protected area in all of Uganda with 1483 square miles to it. The Nile River cuts straight through the middle of the park at a small 23 foot opening in the rock that creates an explosion of white water. Being the most powerful natural flow of water, it makes the rock around it shake with the astonishing force. The river is excellent for viewing wildlife, such as hippo and the contenders for Africa's biggest crocodiles, as well as the massive 220 lbs. Nile Perch and even the rare shoebill stork. Also, the forests in the park have many spectacular wildlife sights, including chimpanzees.

Rwenzori Mountains
The Rwenzori Mountains (also known as The Mountains of the Moon) lie along a 120 km strip of Uganda's western border. The six peaks of the mountain range are permanently snow-capped and shrouded with cloud and mist, making the peaks invisible from afar, also the highest of these peaks, and the third highest peak in Africa, is Mt. Margherita at 16739 feet above sea level. The rainforest is a sight to see having enormous Lobelia, Heather and Groundsel. However, any traveler should avoid visiting the mountains during the rainy seasons since it is one of the main watersheds of the Nile River. It has water throughout the year, but between March-June and September-December there is a very large amount coming off the mountains. The Rwenzori Mountains National Park was proclaimed a World Heritage Site to protect the natural beauty of the area. The Rwenzori is a true mountain range created by tectonic movement, not as a result of volcanic activity.

Queen Elizabeth
As Uganda's most popular game reserve, Queen Elizabeth National Park is a fertile and scenic place, with volcanic craters, grassy plains and tropical forests - which is the reason for its high wildlife diversity. A high peninsula overlooks the park that rolls along Lake Edward out to the Ishasha River and the Ruwenzori range, as well as the two lakes that call this park home. Even though much of its wildlife was taken out during the civil war, the park makes up for it with the sheer number of hippos and the over 500 different species of bird.

Bwindi Impenetrable NP & Virunga Mountains
Bwindi Impenetrable is located in south-western Uganda, where plain and mountain forests connect. Covering about 79,000 acres, it has more than 160 species of trees and over 100 species of ferns, which allows for many types of birds and butterflies to be found. Also, many endangered species, including the mountain gorilla, can be found within the borders of beautiful Bwindi.

The Virunga Mountains is a volcanic range north of Lake Kivu in east-central Africa that runs for about 50 miles along the borders of Congo (Kinshasa), Rwanda, and Uganda. Of its eight major volcanic peaks, the highest is Karisimbi, at 14,787 feet. The six of the eight volcanoes are extinct in this mountain range, and the crater of Muhavura contains a small lake. In the west are Nyiragongo and Nyamulagira, the main crater of Nyiragongo having a liquid lava pool inside. Also, conservation protects the mountains' alpine vegetation and wildlife including the golden monkey and the mountain gorilla.

Mgahinga was established to protect the mountain gorillas that are in the Ugandan part of the Virunga Volcanoes. It is the smallest national park in Uganda – being only 35 sq. km, but it's dense, tropical rainforest landscapes and excellent amount of wildlife is absolutely breathtaking. Also, one of the groups of mountain gorillas in Mgahinga are habituated to humans. They are known as the Nyakagezi group, and they can be visited on a gorilla track.

Semliki NP & Semliki Wildlife Reserve
Semliki National Park sits on the south-western corner of Uganda and protects a part of the Ituri Forest. Some of the continent's most incredible and hard-to-find birds can be seen in this beautiful park. It includes the Congo Serpent Eagle, Long-tailed Hawk, Nkulengu Rail, Black-wattled Hornbill and Lyre-tailed Honey guide. Semliki will reward any treveler with some of the very best forest birding in Uganda.

Kibale NP & Kibale Forest
Kibale National Park covers more than 760 square kilometers of western Uganda, and is adjoined with Queen Elizabeth National Park. The park is a beautiful, tropical rainforest that is bursting with wildlife. It has an exciting amount of habituated chimpanzees and numerous other primates including the blue monkey, olive baboon, the white cheeked mangabey, and many more. Also, there are several other animals that dwell in the forest such as the forest elephant, and the bushbuck. Kibale has much to offer and will undoubtedly leave u breathless.

Lake Mburo
Lake Mburo is only about 260 sq. km. but it houses a mosaic of habitats. From dry hillside, rocky outcrops, and bush thickets to open and wooded savanna forests, lakes and swamps, all of which contain a wealth of wildlife. Zebra, Impala, Buffalo, and Bill Storks are just a few that can be found among the habitats

Mount Elgon
Mt. Elgon is Kenya's second highest mountain. It is about 140km north-east of Lake Victoria and is partially across the western border of Kenya. It is a volcano with a very large caldera and the basalt column, Koitobos, resides at its summit. Also, the lava tube caves are an amazing place to spot elephants, as well as other animals, digging for salts. Mt. Elgon National Park a narrow strip up the slope of the mountain, and the rest is part of the Mt. Elgon Forest Reserve.

Kidepo Valley NP
Kidepo Valley resides in the remote, rugged valleys of Karamoja province, which is on the far northern border near Sudan. The birding experience at this park is thrilling with over 475 species of bird, some of which are rare and highly sought-after; these include the Black-breasted Barbet and the Karamoja Apallis. Not many venture to the park, but the extraordinary beauty of it is sure to impress any who do.

Jinja & The Source of the Nile

Lakes & Islands

Lake Victoria
Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa, but it is also the second largest freshwater body in the world. It is located between the East and West Great Rift Valleys. There are many isles in the lake, some known for their gorgeous landscape, accommodation, and attractions. Also, all costal cities can be reached via ship routes.

Lake Albert & Edward
Lake Albert is a typical Rift Valley lake that sits between two parallel escarpments and rises suddenly on the western edge to about 2,000 m. above the water's surface. It is about 93 miles long, usually about 21 miles wide, and its maximum depth is 56 m. Also, Semlike River is the main source of inflow for the lake.

Sesse Archipelago (84 islands)