Private Guiding

There is little doubt that a Private Guide, leading a journey from start to finish, will enrich any safari. Creating continuity, adapting the itinerary to guest aspirations and avoiding overlap of information, a private guide is a fantastic way to shape lasting memories. What is more, guests get to really discover the fascinating cultural aspect of the country "from the horse's mouth". Privately guided journeys allow guests to discover remote and pristine areas that are home to diverse and fascinating wildlife, while highly skilled and knowledgeable guides are equipped with years of experience in the safari industry.

Why have a private guide?


A private guide will be the first person you meet upon arrival and will stay with you until you depart, hosting every step of the way and ensuring that all guests' needs are met. Rather than the guests relying on management and guides at each destination to assist with onward planning, the Private Guide is there to act as guest liaison and as an interface with camp management while dealing with requests every step of the way from start to finish to ensure check-ins at airports, handling of transfers, charters and specific requests at camps are all seamlessly dealt with.


One guide leads the group throughout the itinerary affording the guests the ability to forge a relationship with that one guide. This enables the guide to know exactly what the guests have seen and been told, what questions have been asked and what preferences they have for the way the safari is conducted – which greatly enhances camp-to-camp itineraries and avoids any overlap of information. A Private Guide also works with the guest's itinerary in its entirety and can therefore plan activities, excursions and informative talks based on their knowledge of the highlights of each destination.


When undertaking a safari trip, guests are first and foremost looking for interpretive guidance on what they can expect in addition to what they are seeing and experiencing. Specialist guides not only draw on their extensive and varied experiences in the field with regards to animal behavior and photography, but also their detailed knowledge of food, wine and service standards to ensure that all bases are covered. The intricacies of nature are shared in a captivating and easy-to-understand manner, with the complexity of elaboration tailored to suit individual needs. But perhaps most importantly, they can dedicate all their time to you because there are no other guests for them to concentrate on, making for a uniquely individualized experience that nurtures a guest-guide relationship based on trust. Since Private Guides get to intimately know the preferences of their guests they can be of great assistance on future safaris. Therefore, many repeat guests request the same guide they have built a relationship with on previous trips.


Private Guides have an intimate and expert knowledge and experience of a wide diversity of wildlife destinations and lodges throughout the region as well as the unique wildlife particular to each and can deliver a continuous expert commentary on day to day experiences. The in-depth level of the expertise across a wide spectrum of subject matter (both pertinent to wildlife and current affairs) means that guests will not only derive added value from their observations and encounters with fauna and flora but will be regaled by lively debate and insight into conservation and wildlife issues as well as exciting, enthralling and often hilarious tales of "living in the bush". Their wealth of knowledge in their specialist areas allows them to highlight relevant information, adding continuity and adapting a safari to meet a guest's specific interests while pre-empting their expectations. Many are also skilled photographers and can assist guests in taking amazing wildlife photographs. While many other skills include birding, tracking and walking safaris while others can lead multi-country safaris or are multilingual and can guide in a guest's own language. They are excellent with children on safari, amusing and educating the kids.



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