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November 2008


Greetings from Safariline,
Welcome to our quarterly newsletter, a valuable resource of travel news on Africa only.

On December 15th, Safariline debuts its new line of soft adventure trips. "AnanaShani" Swahili translation for Soft Adventure, are geared toward those seeking more activity and adventure on their African journeys.

We have hand selected a group of tours covering the countries of East Africa, Southern Africa and the Islands of the Indian Ocean. This quarterly newsletter features a sneak preview of Safariline ~ AnanaShani~ . Watch our website for highlights of this new soft adventure series including; horseback safaris, fly-fishing, safari by canoe or mokoro, Elephant Back Safaris, hiking, biking, camping, and more...

in this issue

·  That Little Extra

·  Mobile Camping

·  Biking - Namibia

·  Scuba in Malawi

·  Solitude Walk

·  Short Kili Climb

·  Bush Trivia

Mobile Camping


Sleep out under canvas on the Plains of the Serengeti, now, there's an adventure! Safariline offers a luxury mobile camping experience like no other, the thrill of being out in the wilds of East Africa in only a canvas tent, but with all the comfort and convenience of luxury.

Get to know Tanzania through an intimate camping experience. Our excellent Guides and Staff will pamper you, so roughing it won't be a word you will use to describe this outdoor experience. Your trip will also be peppered with stays in beautiful luxury lodges along the way. Explore the unspoiled wilderness of the Serengeti Plains, natures masterpiece ~ the Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara. Encounter the freedom and spirit of wild East Africa! For more information:

Biking - Namibia

Mountain Bike

Biking enthusiast may have never considered this adventure. Combination mountain biking, hiking and vehicle safari through the ever changing landscapes of Namibia! This specialized safari has been tailor- made to introduce the reasonably fit guest to some of the most spectacular areas in Namibia viewed from a mountain bike. Off the main tourist routes, the journey highlights spectacular geology, desert game and scenery in the open air. Adventurers will be captivated by the spectacular wonders of Damaraland and will be amazed by the famous desert-adapted elephant and black rhino they will see enroute! Imagine checking Africa off a mountain bikers wish list in this grand of a fashion.

Scuba in Malawi

Safariline can take you to some of the most unique, romantic and exotic places to Scuba Dive if Scuba is your choice of adventure. Consider Lake Malawi in Central Africa. Lake Malawi's tropical waters teem with more fish species than any other lake on Earth and is famous for its cichlids, popular in the aquarium trade.

One of our favorite places for kayaking is Mumbo Island & for relaxation and diving -- Kaya Mawa Lodge - Rated by Condé Nast Magazine as one of the planet's ten most romantic destinations. Kaya Mawa is located on the south-western tip of Likoma Island in the far north- east of Lake Malawi, close to Mozambique. Ten stone and teak- framed thatched cottages - including two family cottages and one honeymoon chalet - have a panoramic view of the lake and private terraces with direct access to the water. The waters around the lodge are both safe and clear for swimming and snorkelling also. The lodge has its own NAUI accredited instructor and excellent dive equipment and can offer casual dives as well as a range of instruction.

Malawi Fly in Safari
The Great Malawian Journey
The Best of Central Africa Wing Safari

Solitude Walk

Sometimes the thrill of adventure comes to you quietly. Imagine the feelings of courageous peacefulness as you walk quietly through the African bush. Safariline offers a holistic experience for the soul at Garonga Safari Camp, Timbavati called the Solitude Walk. On the solitude walk a small group does a completely "Silent Walk". The guide will only point out exciting signs, tracks etc. Each person walks about 5m apart. On completion of the walk the guide will explain what he pointed out. Then each person is placed in an individual space (rock boulder or similar) and left to "meditate" the smells and sounds of the bush for about 15 minutes. The armed guide will remain behind the main group overseeing everyone. A walking adventure like no other.

Garonga Safari Camp

Short Kili Climb

Get a healthy taste of Adventure doing a partial climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Safariline can set you up with a magnificent day trip hiking up Mt. Kilimanjaro with Bushdrifters Tanzania. This is a short climb that will not take you to the top but will be a good 4 hour climb on the Mountain. After an early breakfast at the beautiful Marangu Hotel you will be transfered up to Marangu gate (1800m) which is also the headquarters of Kilimanjaro National Park. Depart with your qualified guide and a packed lunch for a walk thru the dense tropical forest for four hours to reach Mandara Huts (2727m). After a short break, proceed to the border of the forest and visit Maundi Crater (a satellite cone and moorland) to have superb view of Mawenzi and Kibo peaks. Camp out overnight on the Mountain and count this as one more amazing adventure.

After a nights rest, you will have breakfast at camp then start your descent back to the gate, where you will be met and transfer to Kilimanjaro International Airport for your flight. An amazing experience to remember always.

For the details see:

Bush Trivia

Did you know? Elephants can swim considerable distances in deep water, using their trunks as snorkels.

That Little Extra

As if a safari in Africa was not already a thrill, Safariline would like to open your eyes to a few more safaris with an adventurous twist. Beyond the traditional vehicle safari, there are many extra adventures to fit enthusiasts preferences. We have taken this opportunity to highlight just a few.

An Adventurer is someone who incorporates new experiences into their lifestyles. What is an adventure to you? Do your your thoughts turn to skydiving and mountain climbing, or more educational or spiritual adventures? Some adventurers have found the activity they love and Safariline is here to help you incorporate that activity you love into their itinerary.

For the avid Scuba buff, Lake Malawi is a must. Aquariums around the world highlight the amazing cichlids found in the lake. Safariline can take you there. Mt. Kilimanjaro is often on Mountain Climbers to do lists. Let us help you find a full or short climb to match your desires. How about a spiritual, meditative journey that walks you through the bush in solitude and silence. See the article on Solitude Walk. Camping outdoors is always an adventure...how about camping in the Serengeti, taking camping one step further.

We hope you enjoy this list of ideas and understand it's only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to adventure in Africa.


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