Safariline's Quarterly Newsletter Issue 1
December 2006

Greetings from Safariline, Welcome to our first quarterly newsletter, a valuable resource of travel news on Africa only.

Our new website, www.safariline.net, is certainly worth a visit if you want to learn more about amazing, life changing travel to Africa. Safariline exclusively features memorable and life enriching African safaris. We specialize in Southern Africa with highlight adventures to Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, Mozambique and Namibia. We also arrange tailor- made safaris to East Africa including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zanzibar. For exotic island adventures we feature Mauritius, Madagascar and the Seychelles.

It is said, once a person sets foot on African soil, the land, wildlife and the people and the become part of their soul and draw them back again and again.

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Land or Wing Safari

Hightlight on Adventurer Explorations

Choosing Your Camp

Highlight on Off-Season Travel

Bush Trivia

Hightlight on Adventurer Explorations Choosing Your Camp

There are many diverse safaris offered by Safariline, one glance at our website will show the many choices of destinations and styles of accommodation, but we'd like to highlight one special kind of safari, the Adventurer Exploration. Our focus for this newsletter and our 2007 tours are the pure wilderness camping safaris through the remote areas of Africa called Adventurer Explorations.

Highlight on Off-Season Travel

Green Desert Expedition in Botswana.

If you are interested in off season or "last minute" travel, there is still availability for this amazing adventure, best experienced in the off season. The Green Desert Expedition has been created to maximize amazing wildlife sighting of desert species that take advantage of the sporadic rains, from December to Mid-March; as well as the luxury lodge in the permanently flooded region of the Okavango Delta.

Bush Trivia

Did you know that an elephant's trunk has approximately 40,000 muscles in it? While the entire human body only has 640!

Land or Wing Safari?
Africa is best seen on a journey by land where you're closer to the passions and pursuit of the veld, scenic beauty, ecosystems, people, cultures and of course the wildlife. So, what's best suited for you? A Winged with flights between camps may be the only option available in some remote destinations, or for those who do not have as much time at their disposal. Winged safaris, use light aircraft to land you directly on private airstrips where deluxe accommodations await and are generally more expensive.

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