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Deciduous forests, crystalline lakes, massive caverns and savanna grassland dot the western plains with magnificent desert along the southern tip of this island. Located off the eastern coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar is the worlds fourth largest island with a steep mountain range paralleling the entire eastern coast.



Here is Eden revisited, filled with a diversity of life, flora and fauna found nowhere else on earth, a micro-continent with limitless opportunities to explore.

The Malagasy people have a profound veneration for their ancestors and deep love and respect for their children giving them a serene tranquility and sense of continuity of life.

The island can be divided into three main parts; The East Coast home of the rain forest and narrow coastal strip, the Central Highlands culminating at 9430 feet and decorated with immense rice fields; and the West coast home of baobabs and thorny forest. Coral reefs fringe a portion of the coast. Most plants and animals found in Madagascar exist only there.

Here you will discover 1800 miles of beautiful beaches, exceptionally good food and good value for your tourist dollar, but other discoveries await.

The five families of birds endemic to the island include Vangas which is found all over the island. The Couas and crested Coua one of the most beautiful birds on the island the Peewit easily identified by its unique call. Aquatic birds are in abundance, and the remarkable collars of the Roller Bird will delight. There are many birds of Prey and more than seventy different species of song birds and parrots. Some of the riches Fauna in the world: over 1000 different species of Rochaids, palms, six species of Baobabs and the carnivorous "pitcher Plant" Or Nepenthes.

Traveling here is still an adventure and not for everyone. The tourism industry is very young, communication is limited, and accommodation though improving is not plush. Numerous health hazards, limited medical facilities outside the capital and lack of safety equipment in boats can present risk. However, if you enjoy adventure and the unexpected, meeting extraordinary people and discovering a fascinating island, Madagascar would be the place. An old Malagasy proverb; "They who drink the water from the Manangareza river always come back to Madagascar" is a true indication of the special magic of a place you will definitely want to revisit.