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Anjajavy Pool

Madagascar Tours

East Coast Flora and Fauna
The Perinet Special Reserve on the East Coast of Madagascar is a must for anyone interested in the flora and fauna of the eastern rainforest. The reserve (810 hectares) protects the largest of the lemur family, is home to a large variety of chameleons, tenrecs, beautiful and varied insects, spiders, and lots of reptiles. Botanists and bird watchers will not be disappointed. Fresh water lakes, offer visitors clear water for swimming and white sandy beaches for relaxation. A nature lovers island delight. Sample

Sainte Marie Samplers
Madagascar ~ exotic landscapes of rich verdant jungle, dry forest and thorny-bushes, surrounded by aqua blue seas. The ruins at Isalo, strongholds of jagged tsingy (or forest) of limestone masifs and a sanctuary of coral reefs and mangroves boarding 5000 kilometers coastline. This island is a nature sanctuary sheltering endemic fauna and flora that live in harmony with the Malgasy people who are well known for their cultural richness. From butterflies to chameleons to lemurs to orchids, for birders and nature lovers an island delight! Sample

Madagascar Beach Sampler
The small fishing village of Anjajavy is a paradise for nature and sea lovers. Tucked away in a 400-hectare reserve, the Anjajavy peninsula can only be reached by air hotel light planes landing on Anjajavy private airstrip. Walks though the reserve reveal a lush forest filled with lemurs, birds of paradise and chameleons. Sample

Highlands of Madagascar
The journey south from Antananarivo, through the highlands of Madagascar provides an excellent combination of cultural interaction, spectacular scenery and fascinating fauna and flora. Breweries, paper making, terraced rice paddies, tea plantations and cattle markets complete the picture. Further south, the Ranomafana National Park, created in 1991 as a mid-altitude rainforest, offers simple accommodation amongst some beautiful scenery.

Antanavario City Sampler
Antananarivo (Tana), with its brightly colored houses stacked up the hillsides, mauve jacarandas and purple bougainvillea, is an attractive capital city. The rice paddies and zebu-carts on the outskirts provide a stark contrast to the noisy traffic, bustling markets and colorful people in the narrow cobbled streets of the city center. Sample