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The original home of the safari. When the early European explorers arrived on the Kenya coast, they would set out on great journeys unknown. Their porters called these journeys "safari" which in Swahili means simply "a journey".



The Kenya experience for travelers may encompass seven different safaris which may be tailored specifically to the traveler's individual interests in what they want their Kenya vacation to be:

1. Wildlife Safari • 2. Scenic Safari • 3. Cultural Safari • 4. Specialist Safari • 5. Beach Safari • 6. Adventure Safari • 7. Sports Safari

Kenya is a traveler-friendly destination, and Kenyans are known for extending their genuine hospitality to visitors from around the world. Kenya provides many diverse vacation activities: From snorkeling in the Indian Ocean...to championship golf...to bird watching...to rock climbing...to exploring the origins if man...to experiencing the culture of a tribal village...to wildlife viewing – Kenya truly has something for everyone.

Kenya offers 48 national parks and reserves, including marine parks, combined with hundreds of private sanctuaries and game ranches.

Masai Mara Game Reserve
The most popular wildlife reserve in Kenya, offering the best animal viewing in the country. It lies in southwest Kenya, and is the extension of the Serengeti Plains. The Mara comprises 200 sq. mi. of open plains, woodlands and riverine forest. The grassland plains host herds of zebra, giraffe, gazelle, and topi. The Acacia forest is home to an abundance of birdlife and monkeys. The most popular wildlife safari experience arrives in Kenya every July-September. During the migration 1.5 million wildebeest migrate north from the Serengeti intermingled with zebra and prides of lion with a dramatic crossing of the Mara River. The Mara has been called the Kingdom of Lions and these regal and powerful hunters dominate these grasslands. The Mara is probably the bet serviced of all Kenya parks and reserves with a wide range of accommodations.

Tsavo National Park
Covers more than 53,870 sq. mi.It is Kenya's largest national park - about the size of Jamaica - and it split into Tsavo East and Tsavo West by the busy Mombasa/Nairobi Highway and the railroad.

Lake Nakuru
Is a "soda"(alkaline) lake in the Great Rift Valley of central Kenya whose waters are often covered by up to an estimated two million flamingos. The lake is surrounded by forest and plains that are home to lion, rhino, leopard and large herds of waterbuck.

For the visitor most interested in the elephant, a wildlife safari into Amboseli is the ultimate experience. The park consists of wide open plains crowned by Mount Kilimanjaro over the border in Tanzania. It is easily accessible from Nairobi, and its relatively small size and open plains make game viewing excellent.

Samburu, Shaba and Buffalo Springs
Three reserves in the north-central Great Rift Valley area. It is a contrasting arid wilderness where the waters of the Ewaso Nyiro River create a green oasis that attracts an abundance of game including elephants, leopards, oryx, giraffe, lions and cheetah.

Nairobi National Park
Just 20 minutes from Nairobi, it's Kenya first national park that hosts herds of zebra and giraffe, prides of lion and rhinos. It's a good spot for big cats, but no elephants are allowed to live there. Primarily savanna or plains, it also includes areas of highland forest, acacia, and riverine environments. Few people realize that the park is not entirely enclosed and that animals migrate into and out of the park with the rainy seasons. The park maintains an animal orphanage and a nearby butterfly house, one of the largest in the world, recently opened.

Mount Kenya
The forests around the base of Mount Kenya are rich in big game. Buffalo and elephant are often seen. The area is also known for sightings of black panthers. On the higher slopes, there are hyraxes and birds of prey. Rhino, lion and plenty of smaller game inhabit the area. The forest canopies are home to Colobus, Vervet and Sykes monkeys. It is possible to climb to the peak of Mount Kenya with some technical climbing assistance.

This forest is rich in big game. Large herds of buffalo and elephant are often seen, especially at the salt licks and waterholes of the forest lodges. Rare species include giant forest hog, leopards, rhino, and Bongo antelope. In the treetops around the lodges, Colobus monkeys are often seen, while at night bush-babies and genets slip quietly through the rafters.

Lake Naivasha
Some areas of the lakeshore have recorded more than 400 bird species. The acacia forests teem with birdlife. The water is dotted with pelicans and African fish eagles. The lake is also famous for its 400 strong hippo population.

Lake Nakuru
World-famous for its flamingos, it's also a sanctuary for rhino, both black and white. Nakuru means place of the waterbuck' and is well named with buffalo, zebra, rare Rothschild Giraffe and other plains game. Lion are often seen, as are leopards, resting in trees under Baboon Cliffs.

The main cities
Nairobi and Mombasa