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Family Safaris

Imagine waking up to a brilliant sunrise over the Savannah before heading out on a real safari. Africa is a beautiful and diverse continent, and choices abound when it comes to game-viewing destinations for families. What better world of discovery for a child than the African bush – the freedom, those amazing wild animals, the attention from camp staff who have that innate ability to win over children.


Priceless memories are made when the family goes on vacation, and visiting Africa could be one of the most interesting, fun and educational holidays you ever take as a family. Packed with endless attractions and activities aimed at both adults and children, a family safari is an amazing way for children to learn about nature, and completely different cultures.


One of the genuine benefits of making the effort to travel with children is the exposure they have to different cultures and peoples. Africans are very family oriented and have a natural affinity with children. In addition to your children forming bonds with, and learning from, local guides, it is not uncommon to find camp staff entertaining your kids with local games, cooking, or esquiring conversation.


Children of all ages will normally be able to undertake game drives, which is the usual way to see wildlife. Most safari vehicles accommodate 4 to 10 guests so a key part of a family safari could be having your own vehicle for game drives, enhancing flexibility without inconveniencing other guests. More active and adventurous activities such as walking, canoing, horse-riding or primate tracking do usually have age restrictions. These start at around 14 or 15 years.


For parents and grandparents, the joy of introducing your children to Africa is without equal. Watching a child's delight as they come face to face with their first elephant, make spears with their guide or marvel at a safari tent that bears no resemblance to any camping gear they've seen at home, is an amazing and endearing experience. So if you're looking to experience a walk on the wild side with your children, Africa is an ideal destination. No matter what your age, the unique cultures and powerful forces of nature combined with the sheer beauty of the wild offer amazing opportunities for young and old to experience the fragile beauty and variety of the bush-veld together. A family safari is more than just this year's vacation... it is a family experience to treasure for years.


Some other huge positives about Africa as a family safari destination are as follows:


  • Africa is easily accessible with direct flights from the US to Southern Africa – Johannesburg.


  • There are a good variety of family-friendly safari camps and lodges, often with specific family accommodation and activity options


  • There are great beach destinations to combine with the best safari regions


  • The Western Cape, Cape Town the Garden Route hold a variety of secret gems and lots of activities, educational endeavors and family fun for travelers of all ages.


  • Malari-free destinations and safari camps abound in South Africa where no inoculations or medications are required – great for young children.


  • English is widely spoken and western food is readily available


  • Most countries now have a very good tourism infrastructure, so relatively little time needs to be spent travelling


  • The overall quality of guiding is excellent, with guides able and happy to entertain and educate children as well as adults




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