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Bale Mountains Sampler

4 nights /5 days Awassa/Addis Ababa
Custom Tour & Safari

The Bale Mountains which lie over 2, 470 square kilometers is home for various flora and fauna species. The park which comprises riverine plains, wood and bush land is the best place to see the endemic Abyssinian wolf, the Mountain Nyala and Menelik bushbuck. The forest is home for different pig species, lions, leopard, spotted hyenas, African hunting dogs and others. It is also home for more than 16 endemic birds and interesting place for fishing.

Ethiopia's Northern Highlights

7 nights / 8 days Addis Ababa/Addis Ababa
Custom Tour & Safari

Ethiopia's History and Heritage dates back, to the beginning of human kind. It?s a land of Christian civilization, archeological records, rock art dating back to 10,000 years providing a precious glimpse to the stone Age's socio economic, religious and artistic life. Bear witness to the richness of the past; stretching from the 3000 years old history of Axum, the 12th century churches of Lalibela, and the medieval castles of Gondar.

The Hyenas of Harar

2 nights /3 days Addis Ababa/Addis Ababa
Custom Tour & Safari

This unique adventure takes you through a couple of Ethiopia's beautiful cities to learn about their rich culture and history. You will also have the opportunity to visit the hyena-man and the hyenas that roam the area. With the thrill of discovery and a sense of luxury, this journey becomes the perfect beginning or ending to any excursion..